About Us

Who and What is Ligurian Dog?

We are Lynn and Christine.  Together we are Ligurian Dog!

Here’s our story…

Lynn is originally from Wisconsin and Christine from New York.  Now we live, work and play in Liguria, Italy, our adopted home.  Liguria is one of the quieter and lesser known regions of Italy, on the Mediterranean coast.  A beautiful, magical area where the sea meets the mountains of the Maritime Alps.

Before we knew each other, in our separate lives, we each had made the decision to leave the high-power, high-stress that was our American lives, move to the Ligurian countryside with our husbands and adopt a simpler, greener, more peaceful, more creative, in short, a more meaningful way of life. Closer to nature, closer to the sea, closer to the sun, closer to the heart.

One day we met each other in Liguria. We were introduced by a mutual friend, who correctly surmised that two Americans – rare in the remote regions of Liguria – both artists and both dog lovers, would like to meet. Our adopted dogs quickly became part of the same dog family and thus, we now consider ourselves relatives.

Being family of sorts, it didn’t take long before we were collaborating on all variety of creative projects together. We began sharing our ideas and skills, teaching each other arts and crafts techniques and making art together for the sheer joy of the process. The philosophy being: Creating is the joy of life and artistic inspiration is a gift! Our collaboration is a constant sharing of ideas, love, wisdom, skills and laughter. We are gratefully happy that our paths crossed, and that we are now related—- through our “Ligurian” dogs, our shared dual cultures and our creative souls.

Together we are Ligurian Dog!

Christine Kulper, has a  Masters Degree from Columbia University in Art History and Archaeology and undergrad degree in Studio Art from Univ. of Maryland. She lives in Sanremo on her little self-sustaining farm with her husband, Valerio, 2 dogs, a goat, 5 chickens, a goose, two ducks and her Brooklyn born cat. In her previous life in America she worked as a curator at galleries in NYC, Atlanta, Paris, and Miami, etc.

Lynn Serpe, graduate of Carleton College with a degree in Economics, lives in a little old stone house in the hamlet of Maberga where she and her husband, David, their 2 dogs and the random wild boars and badgers are the only full time residents.  In her previous life in America she worked in education reform in Denver.